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The human Coronavirus does not affect our pets

In its statement, the Pancyprian Veterinary Association, informs that the Coronavirus strains are species-specific, making transmission extremely difficult. Furthermore, there is no scientific evidence to show that companion animals may be infected with COVID-19 .

New Pets Index page for iOS and Android

We’ve revamped the pet index page to show more information at a glance and let you get to frequently used features with fewer clicks!

11pets: Pet Care for iOS is available for testing

The early test version of the “11pets: Pet Care” is finally here.

Restore account from previous versions

If you are restoring your data from a recent version, your account will be synchronized automatically but if your last backup was with a very old version, you need to follow the next steps in order to recover your data:

11pets 2.0

We are very happy to share with you some big updates about 11pets, new look, new functionality, a version for shelters and pet welfare organizations and finally a version for iOS.

11Pets: Pet Care offers automatic synchronization

11Pets: Pet Care offers automatic synchronization