Yorkshire Terrier - How to care for its hygiene needs

Yorkshire Terrier - How to care for its hygiene needs

Breed-specific guide for the hygiene care of your pet

Caring for the hygiene of our pets is extremely important. Sometimes we wrongly think it only affects their appearance but the experts agree that proper hygiene care is necessary to keep our pets healthy.

Collaborating with a group of experts led by the groomer Susan Armengol, we have created a hygiene care-guide for each breed. Here we present the recommended guidelines for your Yorkshire Terrier.

The "11pets: Pet Care" app has a section dedicated to the hygiene care of your pet. It will help you follow the schedule by reminding you for everything that needs to be done. You can add photos and notes, define the products to be used and many more.

More information from experts of your Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Weight Chart

By analyzing thousands of datapoints, we have created the real-life weight distribution chart for Yorkshire Terrier which includes the typical range for males and females. In the same post, you will also find a tutorial that explains how to properly track its weight and identify problems using the 11pets: Pet Care app.

The Yorkshire Terrier as seen by a dog trainer

Mario Hernández presents the Yorkshire Terrier from the point of view of a dog trainer. Thanks to this post you will understand better the origins of the breed, its character and its maintenance needs. Most importantly, you will find tips about its training.

Typical Hygiene Care Needs


7 days

Hair Brushing

1 day

Ears Cleaning

4 weeks

Nails Clipping

4 weeks

Teeth Brushing

1 week

Professional Grooming

4 weeks

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