Persian weight chart

Persian weight chart

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It is very important to keep you Persian cat at an adequate weight. Unless your vet advises otherwise, you should try and keep your cat in the weight-range typical for his or her breed and gender

By analyzing thousands of data points, we created the real-life Persian weight distribution chart. For a typical female, the weight ranges from 2.4kg to 3.8kg and for a male from 3.3kg to 4.7kg. That is, 5.3 lbs to 8.4 lbs for females and 7.3 lbs to 10.4 lbs for males.

The chart presents the percentage of the population that falls in a specific range. For example, the Persian weight is such that approximately 45% of the male cats have a weight between 3kg and 4kg  (between 6.6lbs and 8.8lbs) and 45% of the female cats have a weight between 2kg and 3kg (between 4.4lbs and 6.6lbs).

Persian Weight Chart

Persian Weight Chart

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