The English Cocker Spaniel as seen by a dog trainer

The English Cocker Spaniel as seen by a dog trainer

Advice from a pet trainer


The English Cocker-Spaniel or better known as Cocker-Spaniel, belongs to the family of spaniels and continental epagneuls. The spaniels replaced the runner dogs and the bloodhounds, which were considered ineffective for hunting birds. The name provoked many debates about its origin; actually, it is very unlikely that its origin is in the Iberian Peninsula.

Physical Characteristics

The English Cocker Spaniel is an agile dog. Although not an extremely athletic dog, you can do sports with them. But where they really excel, is as detection dogs. They are generally used as companion dogs.


In this section, there is a lot to say. Due to the popularity of the breed, breeding has escaped the control of breed Club and irresponsible breeding (the serious failures that occur when people, without knowledge, breed with only the intention of doing business) led to aggressive dogs that bite without any apparent reason. This behaviour is mostly present among the golden Cockers. I must say that most of the dogs of this color have a very good and quiet character. But putting aside these problems, the cocker generally has a cheerful and secure character, it is very affectionate and they have a good relationship with children.


Bathing and regular brushing together with grooming by a professional at least 3 times a year


Between 250 g and 300 g of food per day.


Being a tracking breed, training should begin early. Walking with an untrained cocker, it can be a difficult experience, as they tend to keep their nose to the ground and until they find a trace, then they follow it for as long as they can. With proper training, at an early age, you can make the most of the walks with you Cocker.


Needs rather moderate walking. If you like relaxed sports, this could be the breed that best suits you.

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