The Rottweiler as seen by a dog trainer

The Rottweiler as seen by a dog trainer

Advice from a pet trainer


Today the Rottweiler is very well know and is at the top of the list of the guard and defence breeds. But some centuries ago, it was a breed that was completely unnoticed. In Germany, their country of origin, very little is known about the history of this breed that was formerly called Rottweiler Metzgerhund (butcher's dog of the Rottweiler City).

Until the thirties the breed was completely unknown outside Germany and it was not until the seventies or so when it was introduced in English-speaking countries. The Rottweiler comes from an old bulldog that was bred for combat and war. The Rottweiler was dedicated to guide cattle, in farms, roads and in slaughterhouses.

Physical attributes:

It is a very muscular, strong dog, used in various canine sports, but also as a protection, guard and rescue dog.


Breeding has focused on the selection of extremely powerful dogs. The Rottweiler has great courage and tenacity. Rottweilers have very good qualities, but maybe not the best choice for first-time owners.

We must insist they need an owner who knows how to treat them, must have an incontestable authority and will need to have some experience. The owner should make sure that their Rottweiler gets proper training since these dogs are very dominant and generally with a strong temperament.


Simple brushing, baths and regular hygiene care.


The cost of maintenance is high, the food supply is between 650 g to 850 g per day.


Starting as soon as possible to develop their character, educating them with patience and firmness is always good measure. Being very powerful and authoritarian dogs, Rottweilers need a safe and strong guidance to avoid problems in the future.


To maintain their muscles, they need a lot of exercise. If you are an athlete you can share those moments with them, but as with any breed, with caution.

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