I want to adopt a cat but I have other animals… Steps to follow

I want to adopt a cat but I have other animals… Steps to follow

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Sometimes animal lovers do not settle for having just one pet. Either we have one and we want another one because it is beneficial for both animals as playmates, or we have two and some special case of adoption catches our attention and we want to offer a stray cat a home or we have dogs and we want to have a cat, they are many examples but they all carry the same guidelines. First you must study the situation. You need to adopt cats that can live with other cats or dogs, and this will be advised by the organization from where we adopt the animal. There are some cat cases that are not fit for cohabitation, either because of abandonment issues or they display aggressive reactions to other cats or they have suffered a dog attack or there are simply cats that are loners and do not like to be in the company of other animals. Many animals that suffer from neglect or abuse carry this memory and sometimes it makes them incompatible with other animals. The second step is, as we said in the previous blog, prepare them a quiet place in the house, so that they feel safe and become confident in their new home, but its also important to add that during its initial stay, no access should be given to the other animals. It's a kind of quarantine…Either by closing the door or by putting a mesh or net that separates them, make sure that the adopted cat does not leave the room, nor can the other animals in the house access the space where the cat is. In this way we get them to start to relate through smell and day by day they all become familiar. In the case of a separate room, we must open the door several times throughout the day, always under supervision, so that the all the animals have a visual view of each other and their associate odors. Almost all animals are initially reluctant to accept a newcomer with enthusiasm, but through constant contact, insecurity and defensive modes are slowly removed. The acceptance time is approximately between 3 or 4 weeks. There are always variants, depending on things like if the adopted cat is accustomed to living with other animals, because it has shared a common space with other animals in the shelter and in this case they will not be so territorial in their new home. If not the assimilation process may take a little longer. In any case, returning to the already stated guidelines there is nothing that cannot be achieved with love, affection, tenderness and patience.

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