The Boxer as seen by a dog trainer

The Boxer as seen by a dog trainer

Advice from a pet trainer


The Boxer is a German breed and although its creation is from the late nineteenth century, its origins go back in time. In the middle ages, we can find footprints of dogs that form this breed.

A particularity of the breed is its name "boxer", an English word that has been attributed to a German breed. This contradiction shows the clashes and disputes that Germans and Brits had while trying to define the nationality of the breed.

Physical Attributes:

The Boxer is a really athletic, fast, strong and agile breed. They are very muscular and suitable for practically any sport, a real tireless athlete. The breed is very adequate for protection and defence.


It’s a generic breed, a great companion dog with great qualities such as courage, loyalty and patience. A good animal with all people, especially with children as they are patient and very playful.

It is important to pay special attention between male boxers as it is likely that they will argue for their position in the hierarchy.


Simple brushing, bathing and regular hygiene care.


Between 450 g and 550 g of feed daily.


The Boxer is a highly intelligent and strong dog that needs a lot of training to control all of its energy. Training is necessary for you to enjoy them at one hundred percent.


It is a breed that needs daily exercise and is ideal for people who like outdoor sports.

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