The Siberian Husky as seen by a dog trainer

The Siberian Husky as seen by a dog trainer

Advice from a pet trainer


The word Husky, which means coiled, was originally used to refer to all sled dogs, used by Eskimos and Indians. As far as the Siberian Husky breed is concerned, it comes from the extreme north-east of the Asian continent.

In this area and more specifically in the Eskimo village of Chukcho, locals made a strict selection in both females and males, they retained the larger males and females and castrated the weak ones, leaving only the most valuable for breeding.

This strict breeding, together with the extreme conditions of the area and the isolation, has preserved a population of a very pure breed. It should be noted that the Siberian Husky is closely linked to the gold rush in Alaska, as it was a fundamental companion for the first gold seekers.

Physical attitudes:

Since it is a sled dog, it is strong, high energy and a true athlete.


Huskies are animals with a strong character that love to be in a pack; not so long ago, this is how they lived. Despite their preference to be in a pack, they tend to be quite independent dogs. Of all the canine breeds, it is the most similar to the wolf. Anyone who has been in contact with this breed knows that it is not like any other.


Normal care, brushing etc.


About 450 g of daily feed given along with normal exercise.


They are strong dogs, both physically and mentally. Because of their independent nature, their training is very much advised. If we leave them be, due to their resemblance to the wolf, they will take the reins of the dog-human relationship which will lead to problems of behavior and dominance.


This particular breed needs a lot of exercise, it is not a dog for sedentary people. Huskies need to take long walks and occasionally go for running.

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