What cat to adopt

What cat to adopt

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  I want to adopt a cat. Which one do I adopt?
  • A kitten?
  • An adult?
  • A senior?
When adopting a cat, you must always keep in mind that all felines deserve the opportunity to have a home and a family and that is why pet organizations do surveys, for the simple reason of helping us adopt the cat that is best suited to our lives. Kittens and young cats: With a cat that is only a few weeks, months or up to a year old, you have to keep in mind that they have all their lives ahead of them and you will be the one who directs their growth and development. More importantly, you must also be willing to accept any damages that raising and training them could cause in the house, just like with a baby or a toddler, since this is what you sign up for! It will be hyperactive and frisky, it will always want to play, run, jump, climb, get your attention though biting and scratching, therefore if you do not want this kind of behavior because your home lifestyle is tranquil or your lifestyle is complicated so that you are hardly at home, this would not be the correct age that you should adopt. The ideal human age to adopt a kitten, would be between 25 and 50 years, because a cat lives approximately 15-19 years. An adult cat: An older cat is usually an active animal without the burst of vitality of a kitten and without the passiveness of a senior cat. The positive side is that an adult cat has an already formed character and will usually know how to behave because someone has educated them before you. If you want to have a cat that is a bit more autonomous, a cat that you can interact with but that you do not have to devote many hours to train him and if you are between 25 and 60 years old, this would be the ideal cat age for you. A senior cat will be the type of cat that, due to his age, will spend most of his time quiet, calm, enjoying long naps, quiet walks around the home, not into scratching sofas or getting caught in the curtains. Furniture will be safe because he may no longer go up to investigate what is above his head, given that during his life he has already discovered all these places. If you only want peace and quiet, simple pampering and care, a senior cat is an ideal companion, especially for elderly people since they will always be accompanied and there will be no effort to train it. The age to adopt a senior cat can be from 25 to 65 years old. The above opinions are solely based on the ages of the cat, because apart from these phases of the cat one must also take into account its character and its history.

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