The character of the cat

The character of the cat

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 All cats have unique personalities and characteristics. In fact, most cats usually have star status and presence in a home! If you are considering to get a kitten, an adult cat or a senior cat, you have to keep in mind what kind of cat you can actually live with. There are cats that become very attached to their owner, cats that behave more like dogs, quite contrary to what people think that cats are more independent. It is generally true that a cat needs less attention than a dog, but there are cats that you cannot get rid of, they constantly follow you around, they are very affectionate and want 24/7 attention. There are cats that have a wild streak and these are the most difficult to adopt. This trait is usually found in adult cats or seniors that had a difficult past, cats who were mistreated or abandoned and recovering their trust will be a difficult undertaking because it takes past experience with cats to be able to deal with their complex and unruly behaviour. Is there hope of taming a cat with a wild streak? The answer is YES! It is a matter of time and patience until you gain their trust and affection, but there is no established time frame, because it depends on the past experiences of each cat. The correct answer to the question, which cat do I want? Perhaps should be the other way around. What can I contribute to a cat?

  • Fun and games?
  • Love and affection?
  • Do I want to bring it a better life?
  • Do I want to give it a quiet place to rehabilitate without expecting anything in return?
  • Do I want to give it a home so it may know the warmth of a family in its twilight years?

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