Every Day Pet Care Information From Pet Professionals

Custom pet-care tasks

In addition to the build-in types, the 11pets apps allow you to create custom task and reminders. Define single or periodic tasks of any type, select the corresponding contacts (if any) and get automatic reminders by the app.

Maintain the complete medical history of your pet with 11pets

A complete medical history will help your vet to know how everything started, the evolution or past symptoms. With the “Medical” section of 11pets you can keep all the information related to your pet’s health in the easiest and most comfortable way possible.

Share your pet’s data with others

With 11pets: Pet Care it is possible for different people to have access to the data of the same pet. This comes very handy when multiple people care for the same pet or even when a person has multiple devices.

Adopt a dog or a cat and get its data from the shelter

When you adopt a pet, the shelters that use 11pets: Adopt platform can share with you the care-data of your new dog or cat. This will provide you all the information for its health and previous medical records. In addition, you will receive reminders for its preventive care needs.

Tutorials for 11pets: Pet Care

On this page we accumulate all the tutorials that present the functions of 11pets: Pet Care, the most complete application to take care of your pet.

How to Manage Combined Vaccines

With 11pets: Pet Care you can manage the Vaccines that our pet has in a simple and intuitive way. You will have an updated record about the vaccinations that your pet has. In addition, in case the veterinarian administers a vaccine that we do not have in our system, adding it is very simple, we explain you how.

Deworming reminders for your pet

Being consistent with the preventive care is key to avoiding unpleasant diseases. As a rule of thumb, internal deworming should be done monthly, external deworming every 3 months and vaccination every year. As always, you should consult your vet about the details.

The most complete pet app, 50+ ways to care for your dog or cat

11pets: Pet Care provides a variety of features to cover every need you might have. In this post, we provide a summary of the main functions to help you get started.

Share the medical incidents with your veterinarian

Many times our pets suffer a medical incident and need veterinary care. By presenting the complete history, the veterinarian will be able to know how everything started, how fast was the evolution and which were the symptoms at different points in time. This information will help get a more accurate diagnosis and a more efficient treatment plan.

Keep all the registration data of your pets

The 11pets: Pet Care allows keeping all the information of your pets in an efficient and intuitive way. In this tutorial we explain the different sections and the information that can be stored in each.