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Tutorials for 11pets: Pet Care

On this page we accumulate all the tutorials that present the functions of 11pets: Pet Care, the most complete application to take care of your pet.

Keep the history of the animal states

The Pet States functionality allows keeping the history of the pet with respect to when they came at your home and when they left.

Preventive Care reminders for your pets

11pets: Pet Care provides reminders to take care of your pet. This post explains the maintenance reminders, that is the reminders for vaccinations, deworming, hygiene care and cleaning.

Remember every task with the 11pets: Pet Care app

Remembering everything related to the care of your pets, like vaccinations, deworming, medications, hygiene care etc., could be difficult. The 11pets: Pet Care application can help you better care for your pet with automatic reminders for all tasks, that is:

Manage your pet’s medications

You only want the best for your pet and we know it. Medications are key for your pet to get better when is sick or has any pathology, but more important is to follow the protocol of hours and dosages so that the treatment is effective.

Productivity Plan of 11pets: Pet Care – Better pet-care in less time

The Productivity Plan brings 10 new features to the 11pets: Pet Care application. Keep even more accurate records for your pet and achieve more in less time.

Filtering and searching functionality for your pets list

Locate each pet rapidly by searching and by using filters in the enhanced pets list. This is essential if you have a large number of pets.

Monitor the expenses of your pets

Track the your pet care expenses and see everything organized per pet and per category. You will also be able to download all the information in an Excel document.

Apply the same care action to various pets at once and save time with Batch Actions

With the “Batch Actions” functionality you can log the same information for multiple pets at once and save time. This is particularly handy when you care for multiple pets as it is quite common to bath them, deworm them or vaccinate them on the same day.

Track the behavior of your pets

Track the behavior of your pets in detail and monitor its evolution over time. You can use rankings for different metrics, notes and a photos to track every piece of information.

Synchronize the schedule of your pets with the calendar of your device

Synchronize your pet-care schedule with the calendar of your device. Access your pet-care actions on your Google, Outlook, Apple (or any other) calendar.