The importance of weight control

Mario Hernandez on 12/05/2015
Why is it important to control the weight of our pets?

Excessive weight often comes with heart and joints problems.

How can we act against obesity?

The most important is to give them just pet food. Pet foods include all the components that are necessary for them, fat, proteins etc. Although the quantity might look little we should keep in mind that the pet food is highly concentrated.

The quantify defined by the manufacturer is just indicative and we should always monitor the weight of our pets and adjust the it appropriately. The pets, just like people, are different in the way the consume calories.

The 11pets: Pet Care app can help you control your pet’s weight. You can track their weight in the app, which will generate a graph with the data so that you can control its evolution.

To do it, from the animal’s profile go to “Measurements”.

How to get to the “Weight” section

First, set the “Normal Range”, the normal or healthy weight range for your pet’s breed. The app will take these values as a reference.

Sets the normal margin
Set the normal margin

Now let’s add a new entry. Tap “+” to add a new entry. A menu will open where you will have to fill in:

  • Date: the date of the weigh-in day
  • Value: the weight of your pet
  • Notes: you can optionally add notes
Add a new entry
Add a new entry

If the weight is higher or lower than the normal ranges established above, a red symbol will appear in the entry to let you know that the animal has gained or lost too much weight. In addition, the graph at the top will allow you to have a global vision of the weight of your pet.

If the weight is within the set ranges, the symbol will be an orange “tick”.

How to identify the different symbols
How to identify the different symbols