Remember every task with the 11pets: Pet Care app

Albert Pallé on 18/03/2021

Remembering everything related to the care of your pets, like vaccinations, deworming, medications, hygiene care etc., could be difficult. The 11pets: Pet Care application can help you better care for your pet with automatic reminders for all tasks, that is:

In each one of these links, you can find information on how to setup the corresponding reminders.

General Schedule

To see all the programed care tasks of your pets, tap the Schedule button from the main screen of the app. You will see two tabs, one with the overdue tasks, and the one with the upcoming ones.

General schedule of the app
General schedule of the app

You can select one or more task reminders and act on them:

Overdue chores of the schedule
List of overdue tasks
  • Done: When you mark a task as “Done”, the application will remove the reminder and create the corresponding entry. For example, if you mark a deworming reminder as “done”, the application will create an entry in the deworming section and will automatically program the next reminder.
  • Snooze: You can select to snooze a task for some time and get reminded again later on.
  • Skip: You can skip a specific administration of medications or food. The application will mark these entries as “Skipped” and will automatically program the next reminder.
  • Delete: You can delete a custom reminder
  • Confirm: Through the schedule menu, you can confirm the electronic appointments you have with a professional.
  • Information: This option will allow you to edit a custom task. If you have selected any other category (e.g. medication or deworming), this option will take you to the corresponding section.

Per-pet calendar

If you want to access the schedule of a specific pet (and not the general schedule that shows the tasks of all pets), you can do it through its main menu. Just tap the Schedule button as shown below.

Schedule of a single pet
Pet Schedule


The application will send you a notification whenever it is time to execute a pet-care task. By tapping on this notification, the application will take you to the Schedule menu.

Notifications of the reminders
Reminder Notifications

Reminder Settings

The application allows you to define whether you want to receive an alarm or a notification for the different tasks. The default option is for the app to remind you using a notification but you can change this through the settings. The application also allows you to configure the time of the reminder for the “maintenance” events, like the vaccinations, hygiene and deworming. You can change this through the “Alarm time” setting.

How to set up the reminders settings
Configure the reminders

Secure Notifications on Android

11pets fully respects the Android guidelines for the different power saving modes. This means that in some cases, the operating system might decide not to show a notification when your device is in low power mode. If you want to force the operating system to always show the notifications from the 11pets: Pet Care app, you should enable the “Reliable alarms” from the settings.

How to set up Secure Notifications on Android
Enable the Reliable Alarms

If your have Android version 10 or newer, when you enable the Reliable Alarms, the system will show an identification of potential issue with notifications symbol at the top right part of the screen.

Secure Notifications settings
Reliable Alarm Settings

If the application detects that the system is not properly showing all notifications, it will notify you the next time you open the app with a special message at the bottom of the screen.

Special message if there’s any problem with the notifications

Download the 11pets: Pet Care App

11pets: Pet Care is the most complete smartphone application to help you to care for you pets. It makes it easier to track every aspect of their health, hygiene and preventive treatment. It has programmable reminders for everything; vaccinations, medications, hygiene, preventive care, visits to your veterinarian etc. You can maintain a complete medical history and you will be able to share it you’re your vet or caregiver.

Try it now, it is completely free.

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