Optimize the storage space used by the 11pets application

Albert Pallé on 02/07/2020

Our apps allow keeping photos and files for many different aspects of pet-care. As time passes by and your information grows, you might find yourself with a very large number of files on your devices which will occupy a lot of your limited space.

To overcome this possible problem, 11pets introduces a the Selective Storage functionality. The app allows you to choose between having the files saved on your device and in the cloud (occupying more space) or just in the cloud (saving space on the device). Most importantly, this option can be applied per-pet.

  • Cloud + Device: If space is not a problem for you, select this option as it will guarantee faster access to your files. This is more adequate for pets that are currently “active”, that is, for pets that visit you often.
  • Cloud only: if space is a problem for you, select the “cloud only” option. Keeping files only in the cloud will take up less space on the device. However, accessing these files will be slightly slower. This option is is best for “historic” information, that is for pets that do not visit you any more.

The application allows you to make such a selection in an easy and intuitive manner and apply the same setting for multiple pets at once.

  • Latest pets: you can save on your device the files of the last pets that you have added in the application. You can set the number of pets, the last 100, 200, 300, …
  • Active pets: with this filter you can select the pets that had an appointment with you in the last months.

Want to know more about how to save pet files? We provide you with a tutorial where we explain step by step how to carry out this process.

Feature Availability

This feature is available for 11pets: Groomer and 11pets: Adopt or the Productivity Plan of the 11pets: Pet Care app (if you do not have it, just upgrade to the Productivity Plan now to enjoy 10 additional pet-care features).