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Shelter management – Functionalities of the 11pets: Adopt platform

This accumulates all the tutorials for the tutorials for the 11pets: Adopt platform that present and explain its functionalities. However, if you have any doubt, suggestion or question our team is at your disposal. Send us an email to [email protected] and we will answer you immediately.

How to define the animal states

With the 11pets: Adopt platform you will be able to save information and much more about each animal to have your shelter organized. In the Animal States functionality you will find 2 different parameters, legal status and current location.

Adopt a dog or a cat and get its data from the shelter

When you adopt a pet, the shelters that use 11pets: Adopt platform can share with you the care-data of your new dog or cat. This will provide you all the information for its health and previous medical records. In addition, you will receive reminders for its preventive care needs.

How to add an animal

This tutorial explains how to add a animal new animal to your database and all the information that can be added to it

How to Manage Combined Vaccines

With 11pets: Pet Care you can manage the Vaccines that our pet has in a simple and intuitive way. You will have an updated record about the vaccinations that your pet has. In addition, in case the veterinarian administers a vaccine that we do not have in our system, adding it is very simple, we explain you how.

How to select one of the centers of your shelter

This post explains how the personnel of your shelter can select a center. With this functionality they can choose between the different centers of the shelter and, see and manage the animals of the center where they work and not of all the centers.

Manage the centers of your shelter

This tutorial explains how to manage the centers of your animal shelter. This process is meaningful for Animal Welfare Organizations that have multiple centers.

Share the animal’s data with the adopter

With the 11pets: Adopt platform you can share the data of an animal with the adopter easily. In this tutorial we will explain the different steps to share the information you select about an animal with its new family and, in this way, have all the data already stored.

Deworming reminders for your pet

Being consistent with the preventive care is key to avoiding unpleasant diseases. As a rule of thumb, internal deworming should be done monthly, external deworming every 3 months and vaccination every year. As always, you should consult your vet about the details.

Hygiene care reminders for your pet

The “11pets: Pet Care” app has a section dedicated to the hygiene care of your pet. It will help you follow the schedule by reminding you for everything that needs to be done. You can add photos and notes, define the products to be used and many more.