11Pets: Pet Care offers automatic synchronization

Andreas Georgiou on 19/05/2017

11Pets: Pet Care offers automatic synchronization

What is this

The new version of the 11Pets: Pet Care application offers a very important new feature, the automatic synchronization between multiple devices. That is, if you have multiple devices with the same account, either for convenience or because you collaborate with someone to care for a pet, these devices will automatically keep their data consistent.

Just sign in with the same account on all your devices. When you make a change on any device, these change will be propagated to all other devices after a few seconds.

An example:

Dorica and Emilio, together care for a dog called Giorgui. Both of them have the 11Pets: Pet Care app on their phones and use the same account. Dorica adds a photo of Giorgui. When Emilio starts the 11Pets: Pet Care app the next time, the photo of Giorgui will be automatically downloaded to his phone. The same applies for any other type of information the application supports.

Conflict Resolution

Assume now that both Dorica and Emilio, changed the description of the same photo of Giorgui. The 11Pets platform will not know which one keep. The application will identify this conflict and ask the users, either Dorica or Emilio, to select which one to keep.

We hope you will enjoy the update and keep sending us your ideas and requests.