Share your pet’s data with others

Albert Pallé on 18/08/2020

With 11pets: Pet Care it is possible for different people to have access to the data of a pet. This comes very handy when multiple people care for the same pet or even when someone has multiple devices.

With the data synchronization functionality, the platform ensures that the data will always be consistent among the different devices. When data is modified on one device, the change will automatically be propagated to the other devices.

Following the recommendations of Apple for iOS and Google for Android, 11pets does not synchronized the data when the application is closed to avoid unnecessary battery consumption. Therefore, we recommend to either wait few seconds after you make your last change before closing the app or simply forcing the data synchronization manually by tapping on the “Synchronize now” button from the dashboard. This will ensure that all your changes are safely backed-up on the 11pets cloud.

The process of synchronizing the data among the different devices can be triggered in two ways, automatically and manually. These processes are explained below.


For different devices to share the same data, the only thing you need to do, is to login with the same account. When changes are made in one device, after few seconds, they will be propagated to the other devices. When you start the application, your device will get the latest changes to ensure that you have the most recent version of all the data.


You can force the synchronization process manually by tapping the “Synchronize now” button from the main screen of your app. This will guarantee that any changes that your device has not sent to the 11pets cloud, are uploaded. In addition, your device will get all the changes made by the other devices with the same account.

How to Synchronize Data with 11pets: Pet Care
How to Synchronize Data with 11pets: Pet Care

Share your pet’s data

In some cases, you might want to share a subset of the data of your pet with your veterinarian or caregiver for a short period of time without asking them to install the 11pets: Pet Care app. We have a special functionality that creates a shareable report that is accessible though any web browser.

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