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The 11pets app makes it possible to share information and work collaboratively with pet care providers in order to give your pets the highest quality care. Professionals, shelters, and families can share care records. You can now select what you want to share, with whom, and for how long.

By upgrading to a paid subscription, you’ll continue to have access to more than 50 features and integrations like medical records, veterinary visits, unlimited pet seats and more.

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A must have app for pet owners!

A must have app for pet owners, particularly if you have more than one pet. Track flea & tick medication, medical/vet incidents, vaccinations, weight and other measurements. They really thought of everything! Take your time to get to know the app and its functions to really use it to its fullest. Thank you, 11pets! You're awesome!

Paulo R. Dallagnol

I was able to share all this information with our vet knowing I wasn't forgetting anything.

Love being able to have all of my pets’ information handy at all times. This app makes it very easy to remember when to give medications, baths, nail trimmings, etc. Plus, I was able to share all this information with our vet knowing I wasn't forgetting anything.

April Rowland

This is absolutely the best app!

This is absolutely the best app! I can keep track of everything for my dog! Vet visits, medications, grooming, EVERYTHING! It will even send me reminders when services are due like trimming his nails or giving him his next dose of flea/tick medications! This app has been such a life saver! Thank you so much for this app!

Jennifer Rogers


Yes, you can control everything. 11pets developed a fine-grained data sharing technology where you can select which data you want to share, of which pet, with who and for how long. This gives you the maximum flexibility and at the same time, guarantees the privacy of the data you do not want to share. With 11pets, you are the owner of your data at all times!

Your data is stored on the 11pets: Cloud meaning that you can only work while you are online.

You can invite professionals such as vets to input data on your pets without them being members of the platform. You can also invite family members to have access to your pet but they need to create an account in order to accept the invite and access your pet.

Don’t worry! Your data is safe! All of your data from the previous version will follow you and your pets in the upgraded version of the app, you don’t need to do anything.

We appreciate your support so far and don’t worry! You can remain on your current plan but enjoy the benefits of the premium package for 1 year. This will give you enough time to use the premium version of the app and decide for yourself if you wish to continue after the 1 year passes or downgrade the free version.

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