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Dixie, 7, is a lovely older chap who is great company, loves a cuddle and is over the moon to see people. He always comes running up for a hug. Dixie has had bad luck, dumped on the street with his dog friend, his dog friend died, and in two long years no one has offered him a home.

His ears have mind of their own and refuse to stand up at the same time, so he looks like he is hanging on your every word. Not far off the truth as a Belgian Shepherd Malinois crossbreed he is clever and likes to learn, so he is wasted running around in a shelter.

He is a good-natured dog and shares a kennel with a bossy female German Shepherd who always gets her own way.

Trixie estaba vagando en las calles de Salobreña, junto con su compañera Dixie y la policía local los recoge.
Por desgracia su amigo lo encuentra muerto en el chenil uno semana después, sin ningún síntoma que algo lo estaba pasando mal. Trixie es un (cruce) de Malinois, y estos perros lo pasan mal estar encerrados en un chenil, sin mucho actividad. Por esto se nota que tiene un nivel de estrés elevada y necesite actividades por se sentir mejor.
Por el momento pensamos que seria lo mejor de ser perro único, por evaluarle bien.

Trixie was wandering the streets of Salobreña, along with his partner Dixie and the local police picked them up.
Unfortunately we found his friend dead in the kennel a week later, without any symptoms that something was going wrong. Trixie is a Malinois (cross), and these dogs have a hard time being locked up in a kennel, without a lot of activity. For this reason we can see that he has a high stress level and needs activities to feel better.
At the moment we think that it would be the best to be a unique dog, to evaluate him well.


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Dixie, 7, is a lovely older chap who is great company and over the moon to see people. He always comes running up for a cuddle.

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