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Nevado, aka Snowy, is the perfect low-maintenance older dog for someone looking for a companion to enjoy sunny days with. At his age, he just wants to have a cuddle or sunbathe with the person he loves nearby, or go for the odd potter and sniff up the road. We will never know who chopped this poor old boy's ears off or chained him up and left him to die, but if you know someone looking for an easy-going friend, maybe this old sweetheart will get the retirement he deserves. Nevado was found chained up at an abandoned house with no food. That was over a year ago and he has been waiting ever since for someone to take him home. He lives locked up in a cage on a concrete floor apart from exercise sessions. All he wants from life is a nice dinner and a bit of affection. Have you got room in your heart and your terrace for an old boy? Don't let him spend another Christmas alone in a cage.

Este perrito, con sus orejas cortados que le dan un aspecto un poco serio... en realidad es un cachito de pan. Se encontraba en el pueblo, no tenia chip (auque ser de raza PPP), y entonces lo hemos llevado a nuestro refugio. Otro perro no deseado. Nevado tiene ya la tranquilidad de no ser tan joven, pero el tambien merece encontrar una familia con quien él puede disfrutar de la vida.
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This dog, with his cropped ears that make him look a bit serious ... is actually a real sweetheart. He was found in town, he didn't have a chip (even though he is a PPP - powerbreed), and so we took him to our shelter. Another unwanted dog. Nevado already has the easiness about him of not being so young, but he also deserves to find a family with whom he can enjoy life.
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The perfect low-maintenance older friend for someone looking for a companion to enjoy sunny days

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