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Ginger was found locked in a cage to starve on a hillside, with her dad and mum. Together with the police, we rescued her and brought her back to health, but now she needs someone to build up her trust in people which has understandably taken a battering! She is a smaller, middle aged dog who deserves to have some happiness, she just needs a secure garden and someone willing to let her come to you in her own time. She is a one-off, with beautiful ginger fur and all kinds of funny expressions as she looks at you. She would be very rewarding for someone willing to make up for the cruelty she has suffered.

Ginger es uno de los perros que hemos rescratado junto a Seprona.
Teníamos avisa de unos cuantos perros en mal estado en los montes arriba de Almunecar. Avisado a Seprona, y el 1 de diciembre ido juntos a Seprona para rescratar. En el chenil estaba un Pitbull 5que hemos puesto Gru de nombre) una podenca en mala salud, y un cruce, Ginger.
Con esfuerzo commun hemos logrado a sacar estos 3 perros miedosos y desconfiados. En las fotos del álbum pongo mas detalles de su rescrate.
Necesitamos pedir ayuda por los cuidados de los 3 perros que SOS Animales Salobrena se hace cargo, porque van restar en la protectora bastante tiempo no solo por la denuncia, pero también porque Ginger tiene enfermedades, Giselle he dado luz y Gru necesite tiempo para quitar sus miedos.
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Asociación Prot Animales SOS Salobrena ES6030230175046770459508

Ginger is one of the dogs we rescued together with Seprona.
We had an avise of a few dogs in poor condition in the mountains above Almunecar. We warned to Seprona, and on December 1 they went together to Seprona to rescue.
In the enclosure was a Pitbull (Gru) , a Podenca in poor health, and a crossbreed, Ginger. With common effort we have managed to rescue these 3 fearful and distrustful dogs. In the photos of the album, you'll find more details of the rescue-action.
We need to ask for help for the care of the 3 dogs that SOS Animals Salobrena takes care of, because they will remain in the shelter for a long time; not only because of the complaint, but also because Ginger has illnesses, Giselle has given birth and Gru needs time to remove his fears.
🔹 PayPal: [email protected]
🔸 Bizum: 673865841
Asociación Prot Animales SOS Salobrena ES6030230175046770459508

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A smaller, middle-aged dog with beautiful colouring and funny expressions, Ginger was found locked in a cage to starve on a hillside.

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