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A big, beautiful AmStaff boy who loves people and will flourish in an understanding home. In the past Dante did not like other dogs. Given how much he likes people, we suspect he may have been trained to fight. After working with a trainer, he can be walked without problems past other dogs in the street, but he is better as the only dog in the home. Dante has been treated for Leishmania, so will need an annual blood test. With some affection and peace and quiet, Dante will be your friend for life.

Dante venía con nosotros hace más que un ano pasado. Un perro que se comportaba muy bien con las personas, pero que tenia un mal comportamiento a los otros perros, y sospechamos que lo han queria entrenar para las peleas de perros.
Por eso lo hemos enviado a le residencia de un entrenador, que poco a poco ha bajado este impulso a querer atacar a otros perros. Ahora Dante puede pasar en la calle a otros perros, sin problemas, pero buscamos por el una casa donde él es el único animal. por tema de tranquilidad y seguridad.
Encima, a Dante hemos constatado un Leishmania activo, y el he recibido el tratamiento en verano 2020.
Fotos & videos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Md8W6c2cKJzZmkRw8

We picked up Dante more than a year ago. A dog that behaved very well with people, but had a bad behavior towards other dogs, and we suspect that they wanted to train him for dog fighting.
That is why we have sent him to the residence of a trainer, who little by little has lowered this impulse to want to attack other dogs. Now Dante can pass other dogs on the street, without problems, but we look for a house where he is the only animal. for tranquility and security.
Above, we have verified an active Leishmania with Dante, and he received the treatment in summer 2020.
Photos & videos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Md8W6c2cKJzZmkRw8

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A big, beautiful AmStaff boy who loves people and will flourish in an understanding home.

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