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Emma is a super sweet, equilibrated pup. Although at first she was a bit afraid of other pups and started growling when they wanted to play, now she mingles happily with adults and (young) puppies alike.
She even is the “nannie” to the 8 pups that were with their mum in the next pen, and had to be separated from the mother quite early.
Emma loves to come sit and play with them an giving them kisses.

This is what I wrote when she arrived:

This baby was slowly dying. No, nobody has done it wrong. It's just that no one really cared about her. No, it is not enough to give food and water to a baby on the street, without giving it cover and protection (from the sun, from bugs).
In the end, we had a somewhat dubious notice, and we went to look for her.
A puppy of just 2.5 months. Very grateful, hungry and consumed by more ticks than I have ever seen in my life.
It took me 1 pill and 1 hour shower to remove it.
Then we have a few days of fear. I'm worried that she might have caught parvo in the street. With her defences so low, she sure won't survive. We have this quarantine (in the bathroom of my house) and this fear for 7 days. Then we give her the vaccine and we can unite her with the other dogs.
And if I see one more post about “give away puppies” or “I don't like to sterilize” I'm going to get very angry 😡😡😡.

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