Emily - Available for adoption


A boy’s best friend is waiting for her forever home.. Meet Emily.. Emily is one of the sweetest dogs in our shelter, being there since a puppy and have one adoption failed cause she has a faulty eye.. One of our youngest volunteer, who is only 5 years old totally loves her, never even notices the faulty eye, and calls her his best friend.. After long talks he was convinced he cant take her home, since he has five more doggies.. Every time he visits her he just cant stop hugging and kissing her, let alone the fact that he walks her and despite her excitement to be out, she is very careful ‘cause she understands he is only a child.. And every time he has to leave her he is telling her ‘Don’t worry baby.. I talked to God and he promised he will find you a family soon..’ Please, help this boy keep his promise to his friend.. Take Emily home, she’s been such a good girl..

jack russell cross
2y 6m
white, with some black and light brown

Temporary home

Dog Valley Rescue Center