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11pets wants to thank all the teams of animal shelters & welfare organizations that dedicate their time and effort to saving, caring and rehoming abused and abandoned animals.

We deeply care about animals, so the 11pets team created 11pets Adopt, which offers specialized software services that automate the main management and day-to-day operations of each shelter or organization, as our own contribution to this noble cause.

11pets Adopt allows animal shelters and welfare organizations to keep individual medical records for each animal, such as lab results, x-rays, ultrasounds, medications, incidents, clinical observations and veterinary comments. At the same time it helps monitor the care needs of every animal, by sending reminders for medications, vaccinations, de-worming etc. In addition, 11pets Adopt automatically advertises all the animals for adoption through custom designed pages on social media platforms.

11pets Adopt is offered for free to all approved animal shelters and welfare organizations.

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free solution

11pets Adopt is given for free to all registered pet welfare organizations. In addition to the service, 11pets offers free storage and backup of the data, as well as free technical support.


Medical History

11pets Adopt provides comprehensive medical history tracking; from clinical observations and incident documentation, to storing test results and medication prescriptions. Moreover, it tracks and sends reminders for all annual medical needs like vaccinations and de-worming, to exercise, dietary needs and special medications.

With many sub-categories, ranging from lab tests, to allergies, hygiene, surgeries and periodic treatments, you can practically monitor everything related to any animal that you are caring for.




clinical observations

Event Timeline

11pets Adopt allows you to keep track of all the important moments in an animal’s life, especially regarding their rescue and rehoming process. Cases documented can include the pet rescue conditions, the different foster periods or stays at the shelter, evaluation of prospective adoptions, the adoption itself and future evaluations of the adopters.

Each case may also be documented by using photos and videos. Now the complete history of each animal is in a single place, accessible from anywhere, at any time.



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11pets Adopt allows you to maintain contact information related to the organization, which can be organized according to its needs. For example, pet industry professionals, volunteers, families interested to adopt etc.

At the same time, the system allows you to the monitor the supplies of the organization and the consumption of each pet, thereby giving a very accurate prediction of when these resources will need to be replenished.




Organization Page

In addition to the pages for each pet, 11pets Adopt provides each organization with its own unique web page. The page includes a catalog for the animals that are up for adoption, as well as information about the organization.



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Pet Page

Each pet can have its own page with a description, photos, videos and timeline about the pet. If needed, medical data can also be included.



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