Shih Tzu – Exercise recommendations

Albert Pallé on 11/11/2020

Proper daily exercise is, along with other elements such as hygiene or nutrition, one of the main requirements to keep pets healthy. In collaboration with Nicolás Herrero from the Freakshow kennel, we have prepared a guide with exercise recommendations for Shih Tzus.

Shih Tzu - Exercise recommendations
Shih Tzu – Exercise recommendations

Shih Tzus need little physical activity and so, 2 or 3 short walks of 15 minutes could perfectly be enough. These dogs can stand long walks, of up to 30 or 40 minutes but it is not recommendable to be more than that.

Shih Tzu is not a breed that like doing sports. It is better to avoid intense physical activities like going for long runs. As for playing “fetch” with a ball, it could enjoy short sessions of up to 5 minutes but not longer than that. With respect to walks on the beach and in the mountain, it is better to avoid them if possible.

It is better to always avoid high temperatures. If you have the opportunity, better avoid very low temperatures as well.

What is the best way to care for my Shih Tzu?

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