Shih Tzu – What they really need

Albert Pallé on 08/11/2020

We were looking for information about Shih Tzu breed and we wanted to get the expert about the questions we had. Nicolás Herrero Alamillos is a professional breeder with more than 16 years of experience in the fields and answered our questions.

His kennel, Freakshow, focuses on Shih Tzus. Nicolás mainly works with American lines which favor both the health and the character. He also makes sure that his puppies excel for their beauty.

Owner type

Are they suitable for people with no previous experience with dogs?

Given their gracious character, Shih Tzus are highly recommendable for people without previous experience. Sometimes, they could be stubborn which can complicate the learning process, but in general they are easy to educate.

And for families with young children?

Shih Tzus are quite robust with an easy-going character and are very adequate for families with children. At the beginning, if the children are very young, it is better to supervise their relationship, but soon, they will develop a friendship which you will be able to trust.

And for the elderly?

Given their relaxed character and their little need for physical exercise they can be a perfect companion for the elderly. The life on a sofa makes them very happy given that they can take the necessary walks to relief themselves.

If the owners are away for long hours, will it get used to it?

In general, Shih Tzus are an emotionally healthy breed that does not have fears or stress. If it is properly breed, it should not need a long time to get used to passing various hours alone.

Will it be close to all the family members?

Shih Tzus are family dogs and are going to close to all members of the family. However, they tends to have a favorite person and it is going to be the one that pays more attention to it and plays with it regularly.

Shih Tzu- Los Cuidados que Necesitan
Shih Tzu- Los Cuidados que Necesitan

Activity, home and training

And what about the house?

This breed does not have problems in living in small spaces. Due to its low physical activity, it easily gets used to any space its family lives.

How much time do you have to spend with each day?

In difference to other breeds, Shih Tzus need very little daily exercise and long periods of intense physical activity are not recommended. It can be perfectly happy with short walks to relief itself. These walks, will not take more than 60 minutes per day.

City, mountain or beach?

As we mentioned above, the breeds does not need intense physical activity and so, it will not have any problem to live in a city.

Does it need professional training?

In general, it is not a breed that needs professional training to learn to behave itself. Basic training from the family, should be enough.

Is it considered a Potentially Dangerous Breed?

No, they are not considered a potentially dangerous breed. If they are properly trained from an early age, they will not have any problem in this aspect.

Other pets

If the family has more pets, will they relate well?

It can perfectly live together with other dogs or cats. It is an extremely affectionate breed both to people and to other animals.

Social life

Will it have problems with visits?

This breed is very friendly and sociable, the only thing it want is to be the center of attention. It will be delighted to have visits at home and get the extra attention.

Will it be able to visit other places?

If it is well trained, being a relaxed dog it is easy to handle. It can go to any place together with its family and it will be well behaved.

What is the best way to care for my Shih Tzu?

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