Share the appointment information with your customer

Kyriakos Stavrou on 15/05/2019

We know that often you clients call to ask for an appointment. In this scenario, you would like them to receive reminders for this appointment. We have included this functionality in the platform.

This tutorial explains the steps you have to follow in order for your client to get reminders about the appointment. The client will receive a message with instructions on how to recover the data of the appointment with you and therefore be properly reminded.

This process only applies to appointments that customers request over the phone, and targets at reminding your customers for them. If ask for the appointment through the application, the customer will be reminded automatically. In the following tutorial we detail the steps you have to follow as a groomer so that your customer receives the details and the reminders for the appointment.

We also have a tutorial for clients to retrieve the information for the appointment. The message that customers receive with the reminder, includes a link to a tutorial which will walk them through every step of the way.