Sales of products and services

Albert Pallé on 09/09/2020

Tracking your sales and invoicing is easy and intuitive with the application 11pets: Groomer. With this functionality you can:

  • Track the sales of products and services
  • Keep track of the purchase history of each customer
  • Monitor the discounts you apply
  • See statistics and pending amounts for each customer
  • See global statistics about the invoicing and the sales

In the sections that follow, we include more details about the functionality and step-by-step tutorials to help you get started.

Register your products and services

With the 11pets: Groomer application you can maintain a list of the products and services that you have available for sale organized in categories. For each product, you can keep its name, its price and the category to which it belongs. If you have the Groomer Plus plan, you will also be able to assign the corresponding tax.

The tutorial that follows presents the products and services management process. It explains how to edit existing products, how to add new ones and how to assign the corresponding taxes.

How to manage the products and services that you offer to your customers

Register the sales of products of a grooming session

The 11pets: Groomer software, allows registering all the sales of products and services that have been made as part of a grooming session. In addition to the grooming service itself and the products your customer bought, you can note the payment method (cash or credit card), any discounts that have been applied and the pending amount, if any.

The tutorial that follows presents the process of registering the sale of products and services together with a grooming session. The example also explains how to apply a discount and how to note that the customer has an amount pending.

Register the sales of products and services together with a grooming appointment

Register a direct sale

Sometimes, your customers will simply come and buy something without having a grooming session. The platform allows you to register these “direct sales” with the same level of detail as the sales done with a grooming session. As shown in the tutorial that follows, you can register the products, the payment method, any discount and any amount pending.

Register the sale of products to your customers

Customer purchases state and statistics

The 11pets: Groomer software allows you to see the purchases statistics and state of each customer. You can know how much each customer has spent, how he/she pays and all his/her previous purchases. This can be very handy when the customer asks to buy “the same as the previous time” and you do not remember what it is.

Customer Purchases
Customer Purchases

Sometimes, a customer will have an amount pending for his/her previous purchases. The platform will show a discreet message in all the relevant menus which will remind you of the situation.

Pending payments
Pending payments

Invoicing Statistics

The platform gives intuitive statistics about your invoicing including both the grooming sessions and the sales of products. You can see the different metrics by month, week or day, compare with previous periods and identify trends. We have a dedicated tutorial that presents in details the statistics section.

With the Groomer Plus plan, you will have access to additional resources and you will be able to issue electronic receipts and download all your invoicing activity in Excel documents. Have an look at all the functionalities of the Groomer Plus package.

11pets: Groomer

If you do not have an account already, download the 11pets: Groomer app now and register as a professional groomer. Will you be immediately given a 30-days free trial period for the most advanced grooming software available. We are absolutely sure that you will love it! If you have your data in a different system, just let us know and we will make our best to help you automatically port them to 11pets.