Remind your customers for their appointments

Kyriakos Stavrou on 03/01/2020

When your customers book an appointment with you through the “11pets: Pet Care” app, the platform will remind them automatically and you will be able to know their response at any time. However, sometimes, your customers will not have the app installed. For these cases, we have included a different feature that will allow you to send them the reminders through SMS, WhatsApp or email.

Through the Reminders menu you can see the list of future appointments. This list indicates the appointments for which the customer has not been reminded yet. When you send a reminder, the corresponding date and time will be shown in the list.

Reminders for the appointments of your customers with 11pets for professionals
The list of future appointments and the reminders

The app automatically creates the text for the reminder and you can select to send it with an SMS message, a WhatsApp text or by email. We have prepared a tutorial that explains every step. Check it out.