Pets are not just dogs and cats! 11Pets: Hens Care!!!

Joseph Russ on 11/02/2016

This is a great app. Even through it was designed for cats, dogs and rabbits, I use it for chickens. Everything I need is right here, I use it the same way you would for cats and dogs, the calendar, the medical records and any incidents. One added bonus about this app is that you can use it on multiple pets. This is crucial to my chicken’s health.

I quite sure that like me most chicken owners have more than one chicken. I myself have 16 hens. It is hard just to get their names straight. I love the fact that I can look for their picture remind me of their name and breed.

I also love that with each chicken’s calendar I can track egg production. In addition, when something bad happens. A hawk attacked one of my chickens, she lived and is doing well now. I have a record of what happened, what I did, what my wife did and was able to set reminders for future meds and gauze changes. This app literally contributed to saving its life.

The medical records are great. Each chicken has its own schedule, there is no way I can remember each one on my own. So no chicken is missed, it take just one fly strike “maggots in the chicken’s vent” to kill the entire flock.

This app is perfect for any pet large or small.

Joseph Russ