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Manage electronic appointments with the 11pets: Groomer Web App

When a client requests an appointment, you will receive a notification in the “Notifications” section. You can approve, reject or reschedule the request, and even send a message to the client to start a conversation. When you approve the request, your client will automatically receive a notification.

Download the invoicing information from the 11pets Web App: Groomer

From the 11pets: Groomer Web App you can easily download the invoicing information in Excel format directly to your computer. So that you are able to analyze it and discover trends that can help your business.

Download your invoicing information in Excel with 11pets: Groomer

With the Groomer Plus Plan you can download information related to your business in Excel format, so you can analyze the information and identify trends. You can download Excel documents for invoicing, purchases and expenses.

How to define opening hours

It’s important to have the schedule of your groomer defined to let your clients know when they can book an appointment with you. This tutorial explains step by step how to define your opening hours.

How to schedule repeating appointments

On many occasions some of your clients request for appointments with the pattern. For example, a customer who brings their pet every two weeks. For these occasions, 11pets: Groomer allows you to create a repeating appointment so that you only have to configure the appointment once.

Pug weight chart

This post presents the Pug weight distribution chart. The weight of a typical female ranges from 6.1kg to 9.1kg and for a male from 7.6kg to 10kg. That is, 13.4 lbs to 20.7 lbs for females and 16.8 lbs to 22 lbs for males.

How to mark a slot in your schedule as unavailable

With the 11pets: Groomer software you can reserve part of your schedule at your convenience so that clients know that you will not be able to attend them during that period.

How to set up billing information and payment methods

To enable your subscription you will need to properly set your billing information and payment method. This tutorial explains every step of the way.

Keep the history of the animal states

The Pet States functionality allows keeping the history of the pet with respect to when they came at your home and when they left.

Borzoi – How to care for its hygiene needs

Collaborating with a group of experts lead by the groomer Susan Armengol, we have created a hygiene care-guide for each breed. Here we present the recommended guidelines for your Borzoi.