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Setup your profile with 11pets for professionals

With 11pets for professionals, your customers can request appointments with you through the platform. This tutorial shows how to setup your business profile and how to define the services you offer.

Most common female cat names

The most common female cat names is shown as a beautiful word-cloud. Is is made according to the frequency of the 100 most used names.

Most common male cat names

The most common male cat names is shown as a beautiful word-cloud. Is is made according to the frequency of the 100 most used names.

Electronic Appointments for your grooming salon

With the Electronic Appointments your customers can ask for appointments using the “11pets: Pet Care” app. You can review and approve these request at your convenience and your customers will receive reminders and notifications for it. In addition, you can send messages and send a report of the work.

Food tendencies for families with multiple pets

Most of the families with multiple dogs or multiple cats have pets of “similar characteristics”. This allows to the families to use the same food for all their dogs or cats. More than half of these families use just one food for all their dogs or cats.

Families with multiple pets

From our analysis it becomes clear that for families with multiple pets, these pets tend to have similar characteristics in terms of size, neutering, breed and age. In addition, it becomes clear that families with less variance tend to have less members compared to the ones that host pets of wider range of characteristics.

Caring for multiple pets

Many families are lucky enough to have multiple pets. There are several periodic preventive tasks that families need to perform for their pets such as deworming and vaccinations. What we want to see is whether families tend to care for all their pets at the same time or have a separate schedule for each one of them. We focus our analysis on families with cats and dogs.

Pet families by numbers

This report examines the composition of pet families which we define as “pets living under the same roof”. The analysis provides very insightful information and corrects many wrong beliefs. The results focus on Dogs and Cats. The rest of the species are included in the “Others” category.

Most common female dog names

Ever wondered what are the most common female dog names? Here is a beautiful word cloud with the most common names for female dogs.

Labrador Retriever weight chart

This post presents the Labrador Retriever weight distribution chart. The weight of a typical female ranges from 22.4kg to 34.8kg and that of a male from 28.7Kg to 38.7kg. That is, 49.4lbs to 76.7lbs for females and 63.3lbs to 85.3lbs for males.