New management of vaccines

Kyriakos Stavrou on 25/03/2016

Vaccination is one of the most important aspects of the health life of our pets. Different pets should be vaccinated against different diseases with different periodicity according to where they live and other factors.

11Pets: Pet Care brings a very easy and powerful way to manage vaccines of different types. The vaccinations menu gives access to all the vaccine-related actions.

To add a vaccine click the “+” button. Click the “Vaccines List” to select the administered vaccines. You can select the vaccines individually or you can select the combined vaccines that will automatically mark the corresponding vaccines for you.

You can edit this list and add your own vaccines through the settings menu.

Vaccinations can be shown by date or by vaccine. Opening one category gives access to all the vaccines it contains.

The details of each group can be accessed and edited.

For each vaccine it is possible to define a different periodicity and this is pet specific.

11Pets will give reminders for each different vaccine and for each pet according to the specific scheduling.

We hope that this new menu covers your needs but we are always waiting for your suggestions on how to improve.