Medications, Foods and Supplies made Simpler!

Andreas Georgiou on 06/02/2017

Following your feedback and suggestions the functionality of Medications, Foods and Supplies were improved by adding new features.

Improving the Medication functionality

We introduced the concept of Time Periods in Medication. Many times, the same medication is prescribed at different periods which can now be grouped together under one single instance. Simply add a new Time Period in the respective entry of the Medication and define the new starting date, duration and reminders.

Another useful feature is adding an unscheduled Medication that you gave or plan to give to your pet. This means that now you can log a medication that is given outside a specific schedule. If an unscheduled medication is supposed to ring in the future then the system will automatically remind you when it is time to administer it.

Periods improving the Food functionality

The same concept of periods has been added for the food section. Now all the periods that regard the same food are grouped together. So if you need to cahnge the quantity of the feeding pattern of your pet, but you still give it the same food, you can see everything organized under this specific supply.

Supply Tracking made fun!

Following your recommendations and feedback we refined the supply tracking process for more accuracy and more efficient operation. No more worrying about your supplies running out, the application will remind you to order more before you run out.

We hope you will enjoy the update and keep sending us your ideas and requests.