Manage your pet’s medications

Albert Pallé on 28/01/2021

You only want the best for your pet and we know it. Medications are key for your pet to get better when is sick. However, it is not always easy to remember to administration. That is why the 11pets: Pet Care app has a section dedicated to medications, to help you keep track and remember everything.

The tutorial that follows explains presents the Medications section of the application; how to add a new medication, how to get reminders etc.

Medications Cycles

In some occasions our pets need to take a medicine that they have already taken before. In this case, instead of replicating the medication, you can create a new “Cycle”.

To create a new “Cycle” for a medication, press “+” in the bottom right corner. You can select among two options:

  • New cycle: When you have to start a new cycle of a medication
  • Single event: In case you want to log a single event
Repeat a medication cycle

Manage every administration

In case you have set an administration as Skipped or Done, you can edit the entry and reprogram it or change its state (to Done, Skipped or Programmed).

Edit an administration entry

As shown in the image above, you can edit an entry set as Skipped or Done by tapping on the Edit button. You can select one of three options:

  • Set the entry as Skipped
  • Set the entry as Done
  • Reprogram this administration and set the corresponding reminder time


The application will remind you each time you need to administer the medication of your pets through a notification. By tapping on it, you can mark it as done, postpone it or skip it.

Notifications direct you to the app

Deactivate a medication

In case you want to deactivate a medication before the cycle is over, you can do so by selecting the medication and tapping on “active” switch at the upper left corner as shown in the image below.

How to deactivate a medication

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