Maintain the complete medical history of your pet with 11pets

Albert Pallé on 18/10/2020

Maintaining the complete medical history for your pet can be a crucial factor for more efficient and more accurate diagnosis as it will give to your veterinarian all the information available. This post presents the Medical data section of the 11pets: Pet Care application where you can keep the health records of your pets. It supports all types of medical data like x-rays, blood test, numeric results, surgeries, veterinary visits etc.

Complete Medical History
Medial Section

Share your pet’s medical history with your vet

The 11pets platform allows you to automatically create reports with the medical data of your pet and share them with your veterinarian. The reports include all the information you have in the medical section in an intuitive and easy to understand way. We have a dedicated post that will help you create a shareable medical data report for your pet with the information you already have in the app and send it to your veterinarian.

Report Example
Report Example

How to keep your pet’s medical history

To access the medical section, first you need to go to the main menu of your pet (from the main screen of the app, tap the “My pets” button and then select the pet in question). Then, from the bottom part of the screen, tap the “Medical” button. You will see the screen shown below. The medical section is split into specialized subsections to help you properly store the medical information of your pet.

Main Menu
Medical Menu

To add a new entry in each of these sections, you will need to tap the “+” button at the bottom right part of your screen. Add the fields that are relevant for the information you want to keep, like the description, date and notes. To finish adding the new entry, tap the “OK” button at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Lab Documents

In this section you can add all results that come in the form of a document, like for example an x-ray, a blood-work report etc. You can store photos and also PDFs. In addition, in each entry, you can keep the description, and the date.

Lab Documents Menu
Lab Documents Menu

Numeric Results

In this section, you can keep numeric results of different metrics and monitor their evolution over time. The app will automatically create a graph with the different values, and if you wish, you can also set the normal range. For example, if you have an anemic pet, you would need to monitor the hematocrit. A good practice, is to keep the complete blood-work results in the “Lab Documents” section and, use this section to monitor the specific values of interest.

Numeric Results Menu
Numeric Results Menu

Diagnostic Test

This section keeps the tests that have a Yes or No result. In addition to the test and the result, you can also keep the date and also any relevant notes. A typical example is the test for Leishmania.

Diagnostic Test Menu
Diagnostic Tests Menu

Genetic Test

In this section, you can store the information about all the DNA tests your pet had (e.g. Factor Vii Deficiency). You can add the test name, the result (-/- not affected, -/x carrier or x/x affected), the test date and any relevant notes.

Genetic Test Menu
Genetic Tests Menu

Medical Conditions

This section allows keeping information about the chronical conditions (e.g. cardiopathy, heap dysplasia, …) your pet might have. You should create one entry for each such condition. You will then be able to log every detail of the evolution of the condition with notes and photos.

Medical Conditions Menu
Medical Conditions Menu


In this section you can keep every detail regarding the allergies your pet might have and monitor their evolution. The allergies are categorized per type and severity. In addition to the diagnosis data, you can keep all necessary additional information with notes or photos.

Allergies Menu
Allergies Menu


In the surgeries section you can note the relevant details each time your pet had a procedure. You can keep all necessary information include the type, date, veterinary clinic, price, medical remarks, notes and photos.

Surgeries Menu
Surgeries Menu

Vet Visits

In this last part of the Medical section, you can keep details about the visits of your pet to the veterinarian. You can include information about the reason of the visit, the clinic, the price, the date if necessary, keep additional notes and photos.

Vet Visits Menu
Vet Visits Menu


Medications are key for your pet to get better when is sick, but it is not always easy to remember to administration. That is why 11pets: Pet Care app has a section dedicated to medications, to help you keep track and remember everything.

Medication section of 11pets: Pet Care

What is the best way to care for my pet?

Use the 11pets: Pet Care app. It will help you with all the tedious pet-care tasks. It provides reminders for hygiene care, deworming and vaccinations, a complete medical history and the possibility of sharing it with your vet or caregiver. It has more than 50 features to cover everything you might need.

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