Invoicing configuration for electronic receipts

Albert Palllé on 09/09/2020

The Groomer Plus plan of 11pets: Groomer allows you to fully track your invoicing, generate electronic receipts and send them to your customers and also download detailed reports for all your sales and invoicing. To enable all these features, it is necessary to first configure the invoicing and tax profile.

Configure your invoicing profile

The invoicing profile allows you to configure the information that will be included in the electronic receipts, that you send to your customers. This information is:

  • Your logo
  • The data of your business (name, contact information, address)
  • The format and numbering of the receipts. Most likely, you already have several receipts issued with your previous system, this functionality allows you to continue from there.
  • The applicable VAT for the different products. To make everything easier, we have included predefined templates for each country.

To setup the invoicing profile tap on “Personalization” from the main screen of the application and then on “Invoicing Profile“. The tutorial that follows explains every step.

Setup your invoicing profile

Taxes configuration

For the invoicing, it is necessary to properly configure the VAT according to legislation of each country. In addition, different product categories might have different tax settings and this also needs to be properly configured.

Configure the VAT categories

The first step towards this process, is to define the VAT categories that are available in the country where you operate (remember that you during the configuration of your invoicing profile, you have already defined this). However, you might need to change your selection, add new or edit the existing VAT categories.

To configure the VAT categories, tap on the “Personalization” button from the main screen of the application and then select the “Tax Settings” menu. We have included all the details in the tutorial that follows.

Configure the VAT categories of your country

Configure VAT of product categories

Another requirement is to define the applicable VAT to each product or service you have for sale. In most countries, all grooming products and services belong to the same VAT category, however, there are exceptions.

In order to make it easier for you to define the VAT of each product, we made it possible to apply a the VAT to all the products of a category at once (remember that the products that you have for sale, belong to product categories).

To configure the VAT categories, tap on the “Personalization” button from the main screen of the application, and then select the “Product Tax Configuration” option. The tutorial that follows will solve any doubts you might have.

Apply VAT to a category of products

Configure VAT of a specific product

If for any reason, a product has different VAT than the other products of its category, you will need to change it. To do that, from the main screen of the application select “Personalization”, then go to “Products for sale” and edit the one that you need to update. The tutorial that follows, walks you through the process.

Apply VAT to a specific product

11pets: Groomer

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