How to edit the details of an animal

Albert Pallé on 11/06/2020

Having all the information of the animals up-to-date is necessary for every Animal Welfare Association. The 11pets: Adopt platform provides the functionality to store all the necessary information.

In this tutorial we briefly present all the different sections and the information that can be kept in each.


  • Main Information: it includes the main information of each animal like the name, the breed, the age etc.
  • Registration Data: in this section we find the data related to the microchip, licenses and insurance
  • Other Information: information about its appearance, any marks it has, the normal ranges for weight and height, the hair type, its parents etc.
  • Shelter: It includes information related to the management of the animal while in the shelter, the internal tag number and the cage number, if it had a chip when it entered and if it can have a sponsor.
  • Contacts: in this section we can add contacts to the animal, from an emergency number, a veterinarian and sponsor.

We have a different tutorial that presents additional details about each section. You can find it next.

Your shelter can also benefit from 11pets: Adopt. Just send us an email at with information regarding your organization and we will get in touch with you. 11pets: Adopt provides everything that a shelter needs; management of animals, volunteers, medical data, veterinary data, web presence, adoption contracts and many more.

You can see more information about the functionalities of 11pets: Adopt and some of the organizations that already use it here.