Handling the personal data of your customers

Kyriakos Stavrou on 02/11/2019

In order to have the personal data of a customer, it is necessary to have his or her permission. Before signing the relevant consent, the customer needs to be informed about the purpose, usage and handling of his/her personal information.

11pets provides a very simple solution to this problem. The app automatically creates a consent form for each customer which they can sign directly on your phone or tablet with their finger. Then, the system creates a PDF with the terms, the name of the customer and the timestamp of when the document has been singed. This PDF is saved in the records of the customer and is always available.

You can customize the terms to reflect the details of your business. The app already includes a template that is easy to edit. If you already have the consent forms in paper, you can simply take a picture of them and the system will keep them for future reference.

Personal Data management with 11pets
Digital signature of the personal data handling with 11pets

Check out this tutorial for more details: