Grooming software features – 11pets: Groomer

Kyriakos Stavrou on 12/12/2018

We are very proud to have developed 11pets: Groomer, the most comprehensive grooming software application for professional groomers. It allows you to manage your agenda, your customers and their pets, offer electronic appointments, send reminders to your clients, communicate with them for offers and last-minute cancellations and manage your invoicing.

If you do not have an account already, download the 11pets: Groomer app now and register as a Professional Groomer. Will you be immediately given a 30-days free trial period for the most advanced grooming software available. We are absolutely sure that you will love it! If you have your data in a different system, just let us know and we will make our best to help you automatically port them to 11pets.

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Download the 11pets Grooming Software now

This post accumulates all the tutorials that present and explain the relevant functionalities. Our team is at your full disposition for any doubt, question or suggestion you might have. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you immediately.

List of tutorials

Set up your 11pets account

Import your data

Pet management

Booking Appointments

Electronic Appointments

Appointment and session management

Management of personal data

Customer Communication


Settings and configuration

Register as a professional groomer

Registering as a professional groomer is straight forward and the video-tutorial that follows presents every step of the way. If you haven’t done it already, download the 11pets app for Android or iOS and enjoy the most advanced grooming software in the market.

Login if you already have an account

If you already have an account, you can login on any device, Android, iOS, Smartphone or Tablet. After logging-in, the application will automatically download all your data on that device. With 11pets: Groomer, you can operate with multiple devices at the same time. The system will automatically keep the data synchronized on all devices. This is especially useful if there are multiple groomers working at your salon.

Import your customerscontacts from your phone

If you have the contacts of your clients on your phone, the grooming software of 11pets allows you to import them to your account with the click of a button. You simply have to select the relevant contacts from your phone and the 11pets: Groomer app will automatically import them for you. The tutorial that follows walks you through the process.

Add a new pet

Adding a new pet just takes few seconds. In addition to the name, photo, gender, age etc. you can keep track a many other parameters. These include the grooming technique, details about the behavior, the owner contact etc. We have a separate tutorial that explains in detail all the data you can keep for each pet. The video tutorial that follows, shows the steps in order to add a new pet.

Manage the contacts related to a pet

It is often useful to keep multiple contacts for a pet. Our grooming software allows you to assign one or more owners to each pet. If necessary, you can also keep an emergency contact or the contact of the corresponding veterinarian. In the same way, when you access the record of a client, you can directly access all of his/her pets. The tutorial that follows explains in details how to manage the contacts related to each pet.

Search in the pets’ list using the filters

Soon you will have a large number of pets registered in the platform. The 11pets: Groomer app includes a special functionality to make it easy and fast to find the pet you are looking for. With the Search Filters you can look for a pet by its name, its breed and by the name of its owner. The video tutorial that follows explains this functionality.

How to change the owner of a pet

It is for many reasons that you might need to change the owner of a pet. The next video tutorial explains each step. Notice that the owner change does not affect the data of the pet. The 11pets grooming software will maintain all the information related to the pet and its grooming sessions.

The information you can keep for each pet

The 11pets: Groomer app allows you to keep all relevant information about a pet. In addition to the typical data (name, breed, age, etc.) the app allows you to track grooming-specific characteristics. These include the behavior of the pet while at the grooming salon, the history of the grooming techniques, warning about its health or behavior, general notes and a photo gallery.

Keep grooming-specific details with the 11pets grooming software
Keep grooming-specific details with the 11pets grooming software

How to book an appointment

Booking an appointment with the 11pets: Groomer app is simple, intuitive and fast. The video tutorial that follows explains the process step by step. When you save the appointment, you can also share it with your client who will the automatically receive reminders on his/her smartphone. Your customer can retrieve the details of the appointment using a simple process that is explained in the message that is sent by you.

Share the appointment information with your customer

We know that often, clients call you to ask for an appointment. In this scenario, you would like them to receive a confirmation but most importantly, be automatically reminded for their appointment. We have included this functionality in our grooming software. When you share the appointment with your customer they will receive a message with the appointment information and most importantly instructions on how to retrieve it.

When a customer claims the appointment, he or she will be automatically reminded for it and you will know at any point in time their reaction to these reminders, that is if the ignored the reminder, if they saw if and if they confirm their attendance. The video tutorial that follows shows how to share the appointment information with your customers.

Remind your customers for their appointments

When a customer books an appointment with you through the 11pets: Pet Care app, the platform will remind them automatically and you will be able to know their response at any time (if they saw the reminder, if they ignored it, if they confirmed the attendance etc ). However, sometimes, your customers will not have the app installed. For these cases, the grooming software of 11pets includes a special feature that enables you to send appointment reminders to your customers through SMS, WhatsApp or email. The video tutorial that follows explains how to use this functionality.

Electronic Appointments for your grooming salon

With the grooming software of 11pets, you can offer electronic appointments for your salon. Through the 11pets: Pet Care app, which they can download for free, the customers can request an appointment with you. You will immediately receive a notification in your 11pets: Groomer app about this request. You can select to accept it, reject it or reschedule it. In case you accept the request, the system will automatically remind your customers about their appointments. When the session is done, you can a send report to your client with a summary of the work done.

Setup your public profile

With 11pets: Groomer you can make your salon visible to the tens of thousands of users of the 11pets: Pet Care app which will help you attract additional customer. The tutorial that follows explains how to setup your profile, how to define your services and how to publish it.

Define opening hours

The Opening Hours represent the time frame during which your salon is open. They are relevant both for electronic appointments and for the appointments booked manually (e.g. over the phone or when the customer is present). The grooming software of 11pets allows you to have different schedules for each weekday. You can also reserve complete days or time-slots as non-available. This is useful for vacations, holidays or for when you simply cannot accept any customer.

Approve an appointment request

When a customer requests an appointment with you, you will receive a notification in the app. You can approve, reject or reschedule this request (in this tutorial we explain how to approve a request). When you approve an appointment request, your customers will immediately be notified by the app. In addition, they will automatically receive reminders for their appointment. At any point in time, you will be able to know their reaction to these reminders, that is, whether they saw the reminder, ignored it and if they confirm the attendance.

The information you can keep in a grooming session

Our grooming software has been designed by groomers for groomers in order to allow you to keep all the information that is really useful. In addition to the scheduling, you can keep information about how the pet came, a detailed description of the service offered, you can notify the owner to pick up their pet and note of the payment and any additional purchases and also issue a ticket for the purchase. We have a detailed tutorial that presents all these features. In the video that follows, you can find brief description.

Enhanced agenda for salons with multiple groomers

The grooming software of 11pets support salons that have multiple groomers. In the agenda, the appointments for each professional are shown with a different color making it easier to distinguish. This feature is enabled by default. We are sure that it will help you save time. Check the multi-groomer agenda tutorial.

Agenda with multiple groomers
Agenda for multiple groomers

Handling the personal data of your customers

11pets provides an efficient and intuitive solution for proper handling of the personal data of your customers. The app creates a consent form for each customer which they can sign directly on your phone or tablet with their finger. Then, the system creates a PDF with the terms, the name of the customer and the time and date when the document has been signet. This PDF is saved in the records of the customer and is always available. You can see the whole process in the video tutorial that follows.

Communication with your clients

We know that communication with your clients is very important, and this is why our grooming software includes special features to facilitate it. With this functionality you can send messages to your clients quickly and selecting through customizable lists of recipients. It will be very useful to communicate offers, promotions, last-minute cancellations, etc. The video tutorial that follows explains how you can send messages to your customers using SMS or email with the 11pets: Groomer app.

Invoicing and statistics

The 11pets: Groomer app has a section dedicated to providing statistics and insights about your activity. Through the Statistics section, you can monitor your invoicing, the income from appointments and product sales, the number and type of appointments as well as the frequency of the visits of your customers. Check the relevant tutorial.

Statistics for Invoicing and appointments
Statistics for Invoicing and appointments

How to install 11pets on your PC

If you want wish, you can install the 11pets platform on your desktop computer. The only additional software you will need is an Android emulator like BlueStacks. The following video is a step by step guide for the whole process.

Configure the WhatsApp application to be used with the 11pets: Groomer app

The 11pets: Groomer app allows sending messages to your customers using WhatsApp. If you have both a WhatsApp Personal and a WhatsApp Business account on your device, you can configure which one you want to the 11pets application to you. The tutorial that follows explains the process.

Configure between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business
Configure between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

Optimize the space used by the 11pets application

The 11pets: Groomer app allows keeping photos for many different aspects of each pet, and even per grooming-session. At the same time, you can keep the consent forms for the compliance with the personal data requirements of your customers. With the grooming software of 11pets you can choose how you want to save your business files. You can have them stored on your device and in the cloud (occupying more space) or just in the cloud (saving space on the device). Most importantly, this option can be applied per-pet.