How to define the animal states

Albert Pallé on 27/08/2020

Tracking the details of the animals with respect to their entry conditions to the shelter, their legal situation and their whereabouts, are of major importance. 11pets: Adopt has a dedicated section that allows easy and intuitive management of this information.

The “States” section allows tracking the whole history of the “legal states” and the “whereabouts” of each animal. These parameters are independent and their combination describes the complete situation of each animal at any point in time.

The States section consists of two lists:

  • Whereabouts (i.e. location): it refers to the location of the animal, that is if the animal is in the shelter, in the hospital, a foster home, etc. For each entry, it is possible to assign the date, the contacts, notes and photos.
  • Legal status: it defines the legal situation of the animal, that is if it is in the waiting period, available or not for adoption, etc. You can also define the exit states, that is if it has been returned to the legal owner, if it has been adopted, reserved etc. For each entry, it is also possible to assign the date, the contacts, notes and photos.

The legal states are split into 4 different categories:

  • Arrived: it refers to how the animal entered the organization. For example, how it was found, if it was delivered by its legal owner, by another entity etc.
  • While in the organization: whether or not it is available for adoption, if it is in a waiting period etc.
  • Prepared for the adoption: if the animal has been reserved or pre-adopted
  • Exited: it refers to when and how the animal leaves the shelter, either has been adopted, returned to the legal owner or given to another entity for example.

Keeping the legal states chronologically as a list, without deleting or editing the previous entries, will allow you to have its complete history. The same applies to the whereabouts; always add a new entry when the location changes without deleting or editing the previous entries.

To make it easier to understand the functionality , we have prepared an example. We are going to introduce the states of Evis:

  • Add when it was found and how it got in the shelter, in this case, found by the police the 05/05/2020 (LEGAL STATE)
  • When it arrived to the shelter its health was in poor condition, so it went directly to the hospital (WHEREABOUTS)
  • While in the shelter, during the first 21 days, Evis was in waiting period and could not be adopted (LEGAL STATE)
  • When he left the hospital, he went to the shelter (WHEREABOUTS)
  • Once the 21 days of waiting period passed, Evis became available for adoption (LEGAL STATE)

By progressively adding the legal states and whereabouts of the animal, you can keep every detail about its history and know its state at any point in time. If you want to know more about the functionality, check the complete tutorial here.

Remember that your shelter can also benefit the functionalities of 11pets: Adopt. Send us an email to with information of your organization and we will get reply. 11pets: Adopt provides everything a shelter needs, animal management, volunteers, medical data, veterinary data, web presence, adoption contracts and much more.

More information about the functions of 11pets: Adopt and some of the shelters that already use it, here.