Every Day Pet Care Information From Pet Professionals

Maintain all the documents of your pet

With the “11pets: Pet Care” app you can have copies of all the documents of your pet always with you. You can keep copies of the passport, medical book, city hall license and of anything else you consider useful.

Hygiene care reminders for your pet

The “11pets: Pet Care” app has a section dedicated to the hygiene care of your pet. It will help you follow the schedule by reminding you for everything that needs to be done. You can add photos and notes, define the products to be used and many more.

Monitor the weight of your pet

The “11pets: Pet Care” app has a dedicated section for weight tracking that will help you log everything, see the trends and identify any issues.

Create a Care Guide for your pet and share with your caregiver

11pets offers an amazing new feature to create a Care Guide for each pet and share it with the caregivers no matter if they are members of our platform or not. This Care Guide is automatically updated when you modify the information in order to keep it consistent and coherent.

Request an appointment with a professional

With the new version of “11pets: Pet Care” you can request an appointment with a professional. You can look for the professional according to their type, their location or their name. You can see the services the offer and their availability.

Recover the details of a shared appointment

When a professional shares the information of an appointment with you, you can recover it using the 11pets app. We have three different tutorials depending on whether you are a new user, you already have an 11pets account do have the app installed or if the app is already installed on your device.

Vet Visits Tutorial

You can now save information about your pet’s visits to the vet in our new Medical category ‘Vet Visits’. Vet visits also allow the attachment of additional notes and photos per saved visit. We’ve also changed the format of our tutorials from screenshots to videos and we think you’re gonna like it! If you feel the tutorials are too fast or too slow, please adjust their playback speed.

When a pet passes away

This tutorial explains steps needed to inform the 11pets platform of a pets passing. By doing so you will halt the ageing calculations, stop all notifications and keep the data of your deceased pet, including its photos.

Generate Sharable Reports

The latest feature of 11pets is Sharable Reports. Whether you are leaving your pet to a sitter for the weekend or if you want to provide your vet with your pet’s medical history or a symptom report and what transpired, we’ve got you covered.

How to find what version of the app I have?

If you are not sure of the version of the 11pets app you are running, this post is for you!