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Grooming software features – 11pets: Groomer

11pets: Groomer, is the most comprehensive grooming software application for professional groomers. In this page, we accumulate all the tutorials that present its functions of 11pets: Groomer and explain the solutions they offer. You will be able to manage your customers and their pets, your schedule, offer electronic appointments, remind your clients for their appointments, communicate offers and handle your invoicing.

Optimize the storage space used by the 11pets application

As your business grows, you will find yourself with a very large number of files on your devices which will occupy a lot of your limited space. To overcome this possible problem, 11pets: Groomers introduces a new functionality. The app allows you to choose between having the files saved on your device and in the cloud (occupying more space) or just in the cloud (saving space on the device). Most importantly, this option can be applied per-pet.

Communication with your clients

The new functionality of 11pets: Groomers will help you to communicate easily with your clients. Thanks to this, sending messages to the clients you select will be even easier.

11pets for professionals: Invoicing and statistics

11pets: Groomer has a section dedicated to providing statistics and insights about your activity. Through the Statistics section, you can monitor your invoicing, the income from appointments and product sales, the number and type of appointments as well as the frequency of the visits of your customers.

Configure the WhatsApp application to be used with 11pets for professionals

If you have both a WhatsApp and a WhatsApp business account you can configure which one you want to the 11pets application to you.

Enhanced agenda for salons with multiple groomers

In the latest version of the 11pets: Groomer application we have extended the schedule to make it easier for salons that have multiple groomers. In the agenda, the appointments for each professional are shown with a different color making it easier to distinguish.

Remind your customers for their appointments

When your customers do not have the 11pets: Pet Care app installed, the 11pets: Groomer app still allows you to send them reminders through SMS, WhatsApp or email. The Reminders menu provides several automations for reminding your customers for their appointments.

11pets: Groomer – The information you can keep for each pet

11pets: Groomer allows keeping all the information for each pet in an efficient and intuitive way. The information is structured to allow easy access and save time.

How to keep all the information of a grooming session

11pets: Groomer allows keeping every useful information of your grooming sessions in an efficient and intuitive way. Each session has 5 steps that are explained in this post.

Handling the personal data of your customers

11pets provides a very efficient solution to properly handling of the personal data of your customers. The system creates a consent form for each customer which they can sign directly on your phone or tablet with their finger. Then, the system creates a PDF with the terms, the name of the customer and the timestamp of when the document has been singed. This PDF is saved in the records of the customer and is always available.

Import your customers’ contacts from your phone to 11pets

If you have the contacts of your clients on your phone, you can copy them to your 11pets account with the click of a button. The “Import Contacts” functionality allows you to select any number of contacts from your phone and the 11pets app will automatically import them for you.