Preventive Care reminders for your pets

Albert Pallé on 18/03/2021

Making sure that nothing is forgotten when caring for a pet, can be complicated. The 11pets: Pet Care application offers a very powerful scheduling functionality that will help you stay on top of everything.

This post explains the maintenance reminders, that is the reminders for vaccinations, deworming, hygiene care and cleaning. We have a separate post that presents other types of reminders (e.g. medications, food, custom tasks).

Automatic maintenance reminders

When you add a new pet, the application will ask you whether you want to enable the relevant reminders for:

  • Vaccination
  • Deworming (fleas and ticks)
  • Hygiene care (bath, nails clipping, etc.)
  • Cleaning (bed, toys, plate, etc.)

You can select which of these reminders you want to be active, simply by enabling or disabling the corresponding switch as shown below.

Automatic Reminders configuration
Automatic Reminders configuration

Configure the reminders

Each of these reminders can be configured independently. To modify a reminder just tap on it. The application will present a menu through which you can select:

  • The frequency: That is, how often you want this event to happen. In the example that follows, the internal deworming is configured to be every three months.
  • The next event: This is very important when you setup the application for the first time as you might already have the next event planned. Just enter the date in the “Next” field, the application will remind you and will continue the schedule from that point.
  • Reminder: You can define when you want the application to remind you about the upcoming event. In this example, we have set it to be the day before the event.
How to configure reminders
How to configure reminders

Maintenance reminders for your pet

You can access and modify the maintenance reminders for you pet at any time. From its main menu, tap on the “Schedule” button and then on the “Configuration” button. You will see a menu will all active reminders and you can configure them as you wish.

How to set up the maintenance reminders
How to set up the maintenance reminders

Maintenance reminders for your pet

The application has a dedicated menu for each maintenance type. You can see the scheduled frequency, the date of the next event and a list of all previous events. When you add a new entry, the application will calculate the next event according to the defined frequency and will remind you accordingly.

How to complete a task

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