Care menus can now be fully customized

Kyriakos Stavrou on 09/07/2016

We keep upgrading 11Pets: Pet Care to include the features you ask for. This news feature allows complete customization for the care menus.

The starting point for the Hygiene Care includes 5 categories, the Bath, Hair Care, Ears care, Nails and Teeth. Assume that we do not need the Hair Care and we want to get rid of it. Click on the “More details” button and then go to the configuration.

From there you can simply hide the “Hair” section. Hiding will not delete any data you had stored in that section. You can recover it any time you wish.

Adding a new category is very easy. Go to the “More details” and click the “+” button. Give the name of the new category and click Save. It will appear in the list.

You can also rename a category.

It is also possible to reorder the tabs as you wish.

Of course each section can have its own frequency, instructions and reminders.