Adopt a dog or a cat and get its data from the shelter

Albert Pallé on 18/06/2020

First of all, we want to thank you for adopting a pet; this way you are helping other animals that are in need.

The shelters that use 11pets: Adopt platform can share with you the care-data of your new dog, cat or any other species of pet. This will provide you all the information for its health and previous medical records. In addition, you will receive reminders for its preventive care needs, such as the next deworming and the next vaccination

The first step to recover this information is to download the 11pets app for Android or iOS. Then, you will need to use the code the shelter has shared with you.  The tutorial that follows provides a step by step guide that will help you with the process.

Your shelter can also benefit from 11pets: Adopt. Just send us an email at with information regarding your organization and we will get in touch with you. 11pets: Adopt provides everything that a shelter needs; management of animals, volunteers, medical data, veterinary data, web presence, adoption contracts and many more.

You can see more information about the functionalities of 11pets: Adopt and some of the organizations that already use it here.