A first-aid kit for our pets

Mario Hernandez on 23/03/2016

Now that the spring is here and the weather is good, we tend to do more outdoor activities with our pets. But how many of us have a first-aid kit for our pets? And what should we keep in this kit?

The first-aid can allows us to intervene rapidly until we manage to have our pet properly examined by a vet. We can ask the help of our veterinarian who is the one to define the dosages given the weight and condition of the pet. Here we just give some basic guide.

Charcoal tablets: In case our pet ingested some type of poison, these tablets can delay the poison from getting in the blood stream and gain us time to reach to a professional.

Cortisone: Insect bites or allergies can cause inflammation in the nose or tongue blocking the respiration. Cortisone can slow down and lower the inflammation and give us time to find a vet.

Elastic gauze: Can be used to create a split and thus to immobilize in case of a bone fracture.

Peroxide and gauze pads: Necessary to properly clean cuts.

Muzzle: Given the circumstances, the muzzle can be our strongest alliance as it allows us to manipulate with security and tranquility our pet, who being in pain can sometimes try to defend.

It is also very important to have water with us especially during the hot days.

And do not forget to keep in your smartphone the app 11Pets: Pet Care with all the medical data of your pet. The medical history is the most important tool for any vet and keeping it in hand can save the life of our pets.

Mario Hernandez: Dog trainer