11pets: Pet Care for iOS is available for testing

Kyriakos Stavrou on 28/06/2017

The early test version of the “11pets: Pet Care” is finally here and we want to thank you for your interest to test it. Please register here and within few hours you will receive an email from Testflight [[email protected]] with instructions on how to proceed.

This first version includes basic functionality and its purpose is to test the core of the application.

We will be releasing one or two updates per week which will fix the previously reported errors and introduce new functionality. We will do our best to avoid any data loss but there is always a very small possibility that a bug might affect some data.

Please take a careful look at all the features that are included in this version and inform us at [email protected] for any errors you see. In your email please let us know about the device you have and the version of the Operating System.

At this stage we are focusing on functionality and not on aesthetics so please forgive us if things do not look very nice. We will focus on these at a later stage.

Thank you very much for your help!