11pets: Groomer – How to get started

Albert Pallé on 01/10/2020

11pets: Groomer is the most complete software for grooming salons available in the market. It includes everything you need for your day to day operation, such as, detailed records for clients, pets and appointments, reminders for your customers, electronic appointments, tracking of sales, invoicing, customer communication etc.

This tutorial will help you get started with the most important functionalities, that is:

  • Add your first pet
  • Add the customer contacts or import them from your device
  • Define the owner of a pet
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Remind your customers for their appointments
  • Note the details of a completed appointment

Add your first pet

Adding a pet is very easy. From the main screen of the application, tap the “Pets” button and then tap the “Add” button. The system allows you to maintain a large number of details for each pet, but you do not need to fill everything. The only piece of information that is necessary is the name of the pet. The information most professionals keep is the name of the pet, the gender, its breed, an approximate age and a photo. The following video tutorial explains how to add a new pet.

Customer Contacts

If you have the contacts of your customers on your phone, then you can simply import them to the application saving a significant amount of time. This functionality will read the contacts from your device and ask you to select the ones you want to import. The application will copy this information and create the corresponding entries. The tutorial that follows, explains the process step by step.

You can always edit your contacts and add new ones through the “Contacts” menu which you can access from the main screen of the application.

Assign pets to customers

Typically, you will want to assign each pet to a customer (its owner) as this will facilitate the operation of the system. When you access the details of a customer, you will also be able to access all his/her pets. At the same time, through a pet, you can always access the record of its owner or owners.

You can manage the contacts related to a pet through the main menu of each pet. The tutorial that follows explains the details.

Schedule an appointment

Scheduling an appointment is very easy and fast; you only need to select the time and the pet. If you have properly connected the pets with the owners, the application will find the data of the corresponding contact automatically.

Remind your customer for their appointment

As time passes by, more and more customers will book their appointments with you through the 11pets: Pet Care application (check this post to see how your customers can request an appointment with you). For these electronic appointments, the system will automatically remind the customer prior to the appointment and you will know their response to it (whether they confirmed the appointment or ignored the reminder).

However, at the beginning, most of the appointments will be booked manually by you. The grooming software of 11pets includes a special feature that enables you to send appointment reminders to your customers through SMS, WhatsApp or email. The video tutorial that follows, explains how to remind your customers for their appointments.

Note the details of an appointment

11pets: Groomer allows you to note all type of useful information for each grooming session. If however you do not usually keep so much data, do not worry, everything is optional, just keep the information that is convenient for you. The information of each appointment is split in 5 menus:

Step 1: Appointment Schedule

In this tab you can see information about the schedule, the groomer that will offer the service, the type of the service and the expected duration. To start an appointment, tap on the “Start” button at the bottom of the screen. Starting an appointment will make the other 4 tabs visible.

Step 2: Pet Come-In state

Here you can note the state of the pet when it came to your salon (e.g. if it was dirty, it had knots etc.) which can be very useful for future appointments. You can also note the person that brought it and take photos if necessary.

Step 3: Service

In this section you can add details about the service offered such as the actual time you needed, the products used and also the price. For the next appointment of the same pet, you can simply reload this information tapping the “reload” button. This means that you will only need to add the information for the products used and service offered only once.

Step 4: Notify Pickup

The system prepares a message for you to send to the owner to notify that their pet is ready and they can pick it up. The message can be personalized to your needs and you can send it through SMS, WhatsApp, email or through the 11pets app.

Step 5: Pet Delivery

In this last tab you can keep details about the delivery of the pet, such as the time and the person who picked it up. In addition, you can note any purchases the customer made and also issue an electronic receipt.

Other features

11pets: Groomer is the most complete grooming salon management software of the market; it has been developed by groomers for groomers to cover all your needs. Here we include a list of all the most important functionalities of the software with links that will help you better understand what they offer.

  • Electronic appointments: Your customers will be able to request appointments with you through the 11pets: Pet Care app. You will receive a notification for each request which you can approve, reschedule or reject. The system will then handle everything else and will automatically remind the customer.
  • Management of the personal data of your customers: The app automatically creates a personal-data consent form for each customer which they can sign directly on your phone or tablet with their finger. This consent form is saved in the records of the customer in PDF format and is always available.
  • Track your sales: You can track all the purchases of products and services your customers make. You can know what each customer bought, how they paid (card or cash), any discounts you applied and if there is any pending amount.
  • Electronic receipts: You can issue an electronic receipt for each purchase of your customers and send it to them through SMS or WhatsApp together with a personalized message. You can also download the details of these purchases in an Excel format.
  • Communication with your customers: The system makes communication with your customers easy and efficient. You can send messages to your customers for any announcement you want to make, like for example for offers or for your vacations.
  • Accounting: The system allows you to track your accounting including all expenses and invoicing and download all the data in an Excel document.
  • Statistics: 11pets gives detailed statistics about your salon which include the invoicing, the number of customers, sessions etc. You can see trends and compare with previous years.

11pets: Groomer

If you do not have an account already, download the 11pets: Groomer app now and register as a professional groomer. Will you be immediately given a 30-days free trial period for the most advanced grooming software available. We are absolutely sure that you will love it! If you have your data in a different system, just let us know and we will make our best to help you automatically port them to 11pets.